Let’s Create Workshop – May 6th



 You know those times when God pulls together a number of different things that you love and you wonder, why didn’t I think of this sooner? That’s kind of like this little project.

I’ve always been a crafter (thanks to my Mom), I love collecting crafting supplies and doing a variety of different little crafts. There have been times where this has annoyed me, why can’t I just stick with one craft?! but with this project it all makes sense!

Starting this spring I plan on running a few different craft workshops out of my home. My goal is for us to make 1-3 projects for each workshop (the number will depend on the intensity of each craft) and I’ll have all the supplies needed for the crafts, the ladies just need to show up, doing some crafting and then they’ll have some fun new items to take home!

I already have ideas for a number of different workshops and am excited to be launching my first one!

The first workshop will take place on May 6th from 6pm till approximately 9pm in my home in Warman (address will be emailed out after payment). We will be creating three different crafts and all the supplies will be waiting for you when you arrive.

COST: early bird: $45 // after April 25th: $55

The three projects attendees will be making include:

1. a large yarn wall hanging
2. learning the marbling technique and make two marbled pots, perfect for planting something in for spring and keeping for yourself or giving as gifts
3. a painted quote banner, decorated with fabric wrapped dowels

You can book your spot for the workshop here or if you don’t like to pay online you can send me a message via the contact form at the top of the page and we can arrange for you to drop payment off.

The workshop seats will be limited to the space available in my house so make sure you don’t book too late!

If you want to hear about upcoming workshops (they will all be different) you can sign up for my workshop newsletter, I’ll be emailing the people on this list before advertising the workshops anywhere else so if you want to be the first one to get the scoop be sure to sign up.

A few more photos of what we’ll be making:

Let's Create Workshop

Let's Create Workshop

Let's Create Workshop

Let's Create Workshop


Spring is for Painting


Painted Doll Cradle

There is something about spring that always makes me want to paint. At this time of the year you can often find me in line at the paint counter at Home Depot.

Last weekend I went and bought a couple of different colors for a few different projects I have in mind.

First up had to be this cute doll cradle my Grandpa made for Raeca. He made it for her a few Christmases ago so it was about time I painted it!

Seeing how my girl loves all things pink the color was a no brainer. The one I used was Coral Flower by CIL Paints.

Somehow just having the cradle painted seems to make it a lot more fun to play with.

Painted Doll Cradle Painted Doll Cradle Painted Doll Cradle Painted Doll Cradle Painted Doll Cradle Painted Doll Cradle