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weekend links

a collection of links around the internet
that I’ve been loving lately

More that are involved in #write31days . . . (see more of my favorites here, here and here)

* table talk: being intentional without being awkward by Kitty, two favorite posts are this one and this one and my favorite quote:

There are two types of people in the world. The first type walks in a room and says, “HERE I AM!”
They say it with their demeanor, body language and their topics of conversation. It’s all about them being noticed, affirmed and their egos being stroked.
The second person walks into a room and says “THERE YOU ARE!”
They are secure. They have all their needs for worth, satisfaction and affirmation met, so they can be self-forgetful and care more about others than themselves.

* life on a mission by Kerrie, this is my favorite post in her series so far and my favorite quote (from the video on that post):

“I don’t know how you’re gonna face God at the end and say:
‘You put us together, you found us and you made us
and what we decided to do with our marriage was get comfortable.'”

other posts I enjoyed:

* I talk to strangers – this is something my mom has always done and done well, I used to be incredibly embarrassed as a child but now I’m kind of jealous of her ability, it’s something I’m working on getting better at

* Friday night meatballs: how to change your life with pasta – love this whole concept, I see this inspiring some future gatherings

* and I shared about how we try to decorate with items that are beautiful, useful or share a story over on the simple kind of life.

This will be my last weekend links post for the forseeable future, I enjoy them but sometimes things just got to change, and with everything else changing in life, now seems like a good time to change this along with it all. My plan is to start sharing my favorite articles over on my Facebook page, so come join me over there!

Also, it’s time for our last PayPal cash giveaway. So, enter away! The winner will be contacted by email once the giveaway is over. Giveaway is open to international readers.

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Adoption Prayer Requests


South Africa Adoption - travel dates!

I want so badly for that image above to be one of Ephraim (or one of Rae & him) but I have to wait until we pass court for that. But thankfully, that isn’t too far away!

Robyn, our social worker in South Africa got back last week and was able to set up our court date so it’s been a flurry of booking flights and hotels and connecting online with other couples throughout Canada (well, Saskatchewan and BC so far) that will be there at the same time.

The city our agency works out of is Durban, right on the south eastern coast of South Africa. I’m pretty sure it’s as far away from Saskatchewan that a person could get.

Most children in South Africa that are adopted out (through our agency) live in homes within the Durban area but Ephraim is a bit special :) and lives 4 hours north of Durban. Normally what happens is the family flies into Durban and makes daily visits to the home to get to know their child over the course of a week and then they go to court. Since Ephraim is so far out of Durban we are actually arriving in Durban on a Friday, on Saturday morning we will drive up and meet him and spend that day and Sunday getting to know him, have court Monday morning where we will legally become his parents and then drive back down to Durban with him and spend some time there while we wait for paperwork (citizenship and passport).

Now, here’s where I’d love for all my prayer warrior friends to really jump up: this court and judge? Our social worker has never dealt with either. And international adoption isn’t always looked upon favorably by judges in South Africa.

We would love for your prayers to start already that this judge’s heart will be open to us adopting Ephraim and his ruling will reflect that.

We leave in a few short weeks and would be grateful for every single prayer. Part of me thinks “this journey has been so long already, surely we’ll pass court” and another part of me says “that would be too easy, the last three years have been one test after another, what makes you think this won’t just be another one?” It’s hard to bounce back and forth between the two, wanting to be optimistic but afraid of getting my hopes up. So I guess you can pray for me too.

Also, we are waiting on a few papers that seem to have either gotten lost in the mail or taking a really long time to get here, we’d love prayers for them to get here asap.

We’d also appreciate prayer for Ephraim. For the whole transition, that he won’t be too confused, that he will bond well with us, that he won’t be completely overwhelmed by his older sister (and her incessant talking), and also for his health, we’ve got a few things to look into/take care of when he gets home and I’m hoping doctor visits on top of everything else isn’t too much at once.

Thank you, sweet friends. Your prayers are always felt and appreciated.

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Jack of All Trades Link Up #30


Jack of All Trades Link Up

This week is the last Jack of All Trades link up, I do have plans to start a new link up after Christmas so be sure to watch the blog or sign up for my monthly newsletter to so you can hear all about it.

* get it all done and don’t get too overwhelmed – yes! it was a crazy week, but the good kind of crazy

* book Raeca’s 4 year needles – no, this week!
* find out our travel date – yes! we leave in about 3 weeks!

* finalize accommodations
* have lots of people over –
friends, family, just lots of people :)
* celebrate Thanksgiving with my family 
fmy brother is coming here for the weekend and a bit of next week so we get to celebrate a late Thanksgiving

living with a thankful heart – my first post in this little series
* my favorite orzo soup recipe
* weekend links

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Thankful in the Little Things


Living with a Thankful Heart - Give Thanks Always and For Everything

This is my second post in the series Living With a Thankful Heart.

I know I said this last week but giving thanks is not something that comes as naturally to me as it does for some, it is something I need (and want) to work on, especially knowing there is so much we have to be thankful for.

It is definitely easier to be thankful in the big things (like finally receiving that elusive adoption referral) but it can be hard to remember to be thankful in the day to day routine moments. It’s these moments and things that we so easily take for granted.

How often are you thankful for the water that comes out of the tap when you turn it on? It’s probably one of those things you take for granted until one day it doesn’t work. But we are supposed to be always be thankful.

Give thanks always and for everything
to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 5:20

This last week I kept a running list of the things I was thankful for, and tried to focus more on the little things:

* a husband willing to do the dishes (without me even asking)
* being able to sleep past 6:30am
* meals with family
* subbing days that mean more $$ in our adoption account
* a neighborhood with back alleys that make for great walks and photo backdrops
* getting a court date

. . . very One Thousand Gifts-esq

I found it easier to be thankful when I was intentionally thinking about it all week, so many small things I normally would have missed this week I noticed. I hope to continue keeping a list of the little things I am thankful for in hopes of beginning a habit of thankfulness for the little things.

Do you keep a list of things you are thankful for?
What are some little things that happened this week that you could put on the list?

You can view the entire Living With a Thankful Heart series here.

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Weekend Links


Weekend Links

a collection of links around the internet
that I’ve been loving lately

* this series on home + school simplified by Alicia Hutchinson

* this post my friend Lindsy wrote about foster care 2 years ago and I only came across this week, favorite line: “You can handle getting attached and getting hurt. You’re an adult. You can handle it. They are kids.”

* on being vulnerable by Wynne, I’m realizing that I need to be the one to start being vulnerable more often (that was also the theme of a recent post by Shauna Niequist)

* Meg’s post about essential oils and how they use them, mine just came in the mail yesterday and I can’t wait to see if they actually work for us

What have you been loving online lately?