Get Better Sunset Photos With Your Phone


Get Better Sunset Photos With Your Phone

The other weekend I was teaching my in-person learning to shoot in manual mode class (which is also available online) and offhandedly mentioned to the attendees my “trick” to suset photos.

It’s been something I have wanted to share for awhile. Truthfully, I was planning on including it in the ebook I wanted to write about getting better photos from your phone but I got bogged down by the idea of writing that book so I’ve scraped it (at least for the time being).

Today I want to share about sunsets. They are so beautiful and truly, no two are the same. I have photographed many, many sunsets and they have usually been one of my most frustrating things to photograph, especially with my phone.

The colors are just never right.

I always struggled with my phone turning the pinks and purples into oranges and yellows and having no traces of pink or purple remaining.

Until this summer. I don’t even know how it happened but at some point I realized that changing one setting on my phone (same thing would go for a regular camera too), turned my photographed sunset into how it actually looked.

It’s really so easy I almost hesitate to share it.

All I did was turn my white balance (found in your camera settings) to cloudy.

Seriously, that simple.

The photos above are unedited, the only difference was that I changed that one setting, and same with the two below:

Get Better Sunset Photos With Your Phone

Get Better Sunset Photos With Your Phone

Just changing it to cloudy makes the pinks and purples in the sunset pop.  If you wanted to take it a step further you could also reduce your exposure a bit (either in your camera settings or after in a photo editing app).

The photo below was taken on my phone, completely in auto:

Get Better Sunset Photos With Your Phone

Then I changed my white balance to cloudy and got this:

Get Better Sunset Photos With Your Phone

The pinks and purples came through but not as much as I remembered so I took it into my favorite photo editing app (VSCOcam) and reduced the exposure by 2, and  because I didn’t want to see so much detail on the houses I also increased the contrast by 1, and ended up with this:

Get Better Sunset Photos With Your Phone

That’s how I remember the evening.

So there you have it, a simple way to bring some of that great color back into your sunset photos.

Do you enjoy taking photos of the sun setting?
Do you think you’ll give this a try the next time you do?

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Thankful in the Hard Times


Living With a Thankful Heart - Thankful in the Hard Times

This is my third post in the series Living With a Thankful Heart.

The thing about the hard times?

They are a lot easier to share about once they are over.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

A few months ago if you had asked me how things were going and I felt like you actually wanted an honest answer I would have told you how hard it had been. But if it was just a casual question or even here on this blog, I wasn’t willing to share just how hard it was.

But we are supposed to be thankful for the hard times and in the hard times.

Our stories grow deeper in the hard times.

They show how God is working, they show His grace and faithfulness.

When troubles of any kind come your way,
consider it an opportunity for great joy.
For you know that when your faith is tested,
your endurance has a chance to grow.
So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed,
you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.
James 1:2-4

Through this series I’ve been realizing that maybe thankfulness isn’t in our human nature. How many kids are born thankful for everything that has been done for them? Um, none!

Thankfulness isn’t a trait you are born with; it’s something you were taught. When you were younger it was probably your parents teaching and reminding you and as an adult you have to take the responsibility upon yourself to learn how to be continually thankful.

Thankfulness in the hard times is especially difficult.

But know this:
There is a reason for trying times.
God has not forgotten about you, He is doing a work that is much greater than you can see right now.

Praise and thank Him for what He is doing, even if you don’t understand exactly what that is.

I had this whole post drafted before the whole debacle known as our missing fingerprint criminal record checks that kind of blew up last week. So I made a point of sharing the hard times (mostly on Instagram) and tried to find things to be thankful despite the stress, like beautiful sunrises and commissionaires that are willing to help out a crying lady on the phone.

Do you find it hard to share the hard times as they are happening?
What are some things you find yourself being thankful for in the hard times?

View the entire Living With a Thankful Heart series here.

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Weekend Links & PayPal Giveaway


weekend links

a collection of links around the internet
that I’ve been loving lately

More that are involved in #write31days . . . (see more of my favorites here, here and here)

* table talk: being intentional without being awkward by Kitty, two favorite posts are this one and this one and my favorite quote:

There are two types of people in the world. The first type walks in a room and says, “HERE I AM!”
They say it with their demeanor, body language and their topics of conversation. It’s all about them being noticed, affirmed and their egos being stroked.
The second person walks into a room and says “THERE YOU ARE!”
They are secure. They have all their needs for worth, satisfaction and affirmation met, so they can be self-forgetful and care more about others than themselves.

* life on a mission by Kerrie, this is my favorite post in her series so far and my favorite quote (from the video on that post):

“I don’t know how you’re gonna face God at the end and say:
‘You put us together, you found us and you made us
and what we decided to do with our marriage was get comfortable.'”

other posts I enjoyed:

* I talk to strangers – this is something my mom has always done and done well, I used to be incredibly embarrassed as a child but now I’m kind of jealous of her ability, it’s something I’m working on getting better at

* Friday night meatballs: how to change your life with pasta – love this whole concept, I see this inspiring some future gatherings

* and I shared about how we try to decorate with items that are beautiful, useful or share a story over on the simple kind of life.

This will be my last weekend links post for the forseeable future, I enjoy them but sometimes things just got to change, and with everything else changing in life, now seems like a good time to change this along with it all. My plan is to start sharing my favorite articles over on my Facebook page, so come join me over there!

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